Milpitas Bible Fellowship is a fellowship of believers based in Milpitas, CA. We meet under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and make Him known in an ever increasing measure. We are committed to discovering and obeying the Word of God regardless of the cost or personal inconvenience.

We are committed to worshipping God in a way that is spiritual, intimate and from the heart. We never want our worship of God to degenerate into only outward form or routine. We encourage all to praise and worship God in any and all of the Biblical means as seems appropriate at the time.

We are also committed to sharing life of Christ with one another. Since the attendance is only about 50-75 on a typical Sunday morning, it is difficult to get lost in the crowd. We encourage all to participate in our mid-week "house church" gathering. We see involvement in these meetings as essentially in live out New Testament Christianity. Rather than being an additional program or support to the congregational meeting, the "house church" meeting is the basic unit of Church life. It is designed to enable believers to have deep, intimate relationships with one another, ministry to one another, and evangelize the lost together. The Church of the New Testament was a group of people in relationship to one another and to God; not buildings, programs, or meetings. At MBF, everything revolves around Christ, and that means ministering to one another in vital and real ways beyond simply "church attendance."

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