Allow me to introduce you to the most lovely and glorious person this world has ever known -- Jesus Christ. His influence upon our planet is so great that all of human history is dated in relation to His coming into the world. In infancy He startled a king; in boyhood He amazed the religious teachers; in manhood He walked upon the waters and hushed the sea to sleep. He healed the multitudes without medicine and made no charge for His services. He never wrote a book, yet not all the libraries of the world can hold the books that could be written about Him. He never wrote a song, yet He has furnished the theme of more songs than all song writers combined. He never founded a college, yet all the schools together cannot boast of as many students as He has. Almost 2,000 years have come and gone, yet today He lives on as the central figure of the human race. All the armies that have ever marched, and all the navies that were ever built, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully as has that one solitary life - the life of Jesus Christ.1

Since your eternal destiny hinges on what you do with Jesus Christ, allow me to tell you what the Bible says of Him. The Scriptures declare that before the universe was created, Jesus existed as God in the heavens,2 adored and worshipped by innumerable angelic hosts. However, when all of mankind had fallen into sin, were under the just wrath of God, and had no way of delivering themselves, He laid aside His glory, and humbled Himself to become a man.3 He was born in a stable, and laid in a feeding trough. His parents were poor, and his first 30 years were lived in virtual obscurity. When He was 30 years of age, He began His public ministry. He went about doing good and healing those who were oppressed by the devil.4 He constantly preached and taught the multitudes about the kingdom of heaven and the necessity of repentance in order to enter it. He cast demons out of tormented people, and healed those who came to him with various illnesses. On two different occasions, He fed thousands at a time with only a few fish and loaves of bread.5 He calmed the winds and the seas,6 and walked on water.7 He cleansed lepers, gave sight to the blind, unstopped the ears of the deaf, healed the lame, and even raised the dead.8

After three and a half years of public ministry, the multitudes that followed Him grew so great that the religious leaders of His day, driven by envy, concocted a plan to have Him murdered. They accused Him of misleading the Jewish nation, forbidding the Jews to pay taxes to the Romans, and setting himself up as a rival King to Caesar.9 They beat Him with their fists, slapped Him, and spat in His face.10 Ultimately, Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, ordered him to be executed by crucifixion after declaring Him innocent of any wrongdoing. The Roman soldiers had Him whipped with a cat of nine tails. This leather whip with bits of bone, metal and glass sewed into the tips literally shredded the victim's back to ribbons. Afterwards, He was forced to carry His cross to the site of execution, and nails were driven through His hands and feet. While hanging from that cruel instrument of torture, Jesus prayed that God would forgive His tormentors, and promised one of the thieves crucified alongside of Him that they would both be in Paradise together that very day.11 Then Jesus, God in human flesh, gave up His spirit and died. By dying in this way, He was was laying down His life as a ransom for many, by bearing the punishment due for their sins.12

Afterwards, He was taken off the cross and laid in a new tomb. During His lifetime He had predicted repeatedly that He would rise from the dead on the third day. Therefore, the Jews set up guards at His tomb around the clock, so that His disciples could not steal His body and then claim He had risen.13 However, death could not hold Him. He rose from the dead, exactly as He had said, and appeared to His disciples on several occasions over a period of forty days. Finally, He ascended into heaven where He sat down at the right hand of God Almighty, to rule and reign over all of creation.14 One day He will return as a great and mighty King, to judge and destroy His enemies and bring his true followers into possession of His everlasting kingdom.15

During His earthly life He claimed to be the Son of God, the light of the world, the resurrection and the life, the "I Am", and the only way to the Father.16 Now, He calls upon you to recognize Him for who He is, and become one of His disciples. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? It means that you follow Jesus Christ wherever He leads, and seek to do whatever He tells you to do. It means that you repent of your sins, deny yourself, and take up your cross. It means you lose your life for Him and His gospel, confess Him before men, obey Him implicitly in all things, love Him more than anyone or anything else in the world, and give your life to the task of carrying His message to those still lost in sin.17 The Bible says, "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."18 Allow me to ask you one more time, "What will you do with Jesus Christ?" If you would like a free Bible, or more information on becoming a follower of Jesus Christ contact us below.

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